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Woodmen Hills Filing 11 HOA, Inc - A sprawling 853 single family home community located in Falcon Colorado.  The Association surrounds the front 9 holes of the Antler Creek Golf Course.  The current annual assessment are $100.00.  The Association Manager for this community is Jamie Allen.

Monthly Board meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at the West Rec Center at 6:00PM.


The Board of Directors is in the process of amending the Bylaws.  The Bylaws will be available for comment and review until July 30.  There will be an election of officers late Spring/early Summer and again at the annual meeting in November.

Please email Jamie Allen with any comments at

Amended Bylaws  


The original By-Laws can be reviewed by clciking the link to them below for comparison.



 Woodmen Hills Filing 11  is also a member of the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District:                                       

       Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District
8046 Eastonville Road
Falcon, CO 80831

By clicking on the following, you can obtain the information you need for Woodmen Hills Filing 11.

Jamie Allen 


Board Meetings and Minutes